Human Resources Consulting

As we have migrated from an industrial age to a knowledge based society, people became the change agents that make an organization evolve and transcend their current boundaries. A company’s level of charisma and entrepreneurship can only come from the individuals who shape it. Based on that, we believe people are the key asset of an organization to achieve market differentiation.
The challenge for companies now is how to align their business strategies with talents agenda.
We are committed to find solutions for companies to boost the effectiveness of their talent pool with professional and focused consultancy projects.

We can support you in several areas such as:

• Development/Review of your HR Strategic Planning
• Cultural Transformation programs
• Talent Management & Retention strategies
• Succession Planning and Career Development
• Talent & Leadership Development programs
• Executive and Career Coaching processes

BOOST YOUR PASSION – get inspired to embrace some change!

How Does It Work?

Successful change can only come from a reliable trust base. We are in the business of getting to know our clients from inside out. We believe in getting to know your business drivers, the root cause of your challenges and then customizing the best solution to your Human Resource initiatives. As a first step, we suggest an informal kick off meeting to better understand your requirements in order to come up with a suitable proposal for your business.

Executive Coaching & Career Coaching

Unearthing passion in our life depends solely on the individual. The individual needs to be open for change. Once the openness is there, coaching is a great and ever-growing method used to distill our goals and create self-awareness to make an easier transition to change.
Effective coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients, challenge structures and personal habits to unlock the potential in an individual. The idea is to bring the unconscious potential into the conscious implementation. Within the coaching process people can enhance clarity on their aspirations and improve performance to achieve desired results. It uses a forward thinking and future focused approach, supplying supportive frameworks with emphasis in action and follow through.

Our Coaching methodology will support you through the journey:

• Set Goals: get a clearer vision of what you want and how to get there
• Improve Awareness: develop a greater understanding of yourself and others
• Empower Change: improve confidence and motivation to maximize your potential
• Achieve Results: get focus and accountable for the execution of your strategic action plan
• Boost Passion: incorporate the changes you chose in your daily life

BOOST YOUR PASSION – get inspired to embrace some change!

How Does It Work?

There are many ways Coaching can support your professional journey.
You can use it as an effective method to support career transitions, to prepare executives for career advancements or also to enhance the student’s foundation, helping to build the gap between academic education and corporate needs.
It can be either individual coaching or group workshops, accordingly to your needs, usually starting with a range of 4 to 6 one hour session package (weekly or bi-weekly based). Those can be hold personally or over skype, depending on the availability and preferences.
We typically recommend a pre-meeting consultation (no charge) to be able to better understand your needs and suggest an appropriated approach.