"As director of HR South America Daniela made a terrific impact in improving the multicultural organizational challenges through passionately driving team engagement with strong sense of purpose to formulate and implement closing gap initiatives."

Luis E. Frisoni – former PricewaterhouseCoopers Senior Partner in charge of South America region

“Daniela is one of the most talented leader I've known. She is passionate, vibrant, perfectionist. She has a great focus on quality and is action oriented. Daniela is a great leader, a role model, she lives her values and inspires her team - she has the ability to identify and explore the best in each one. I had the pleasure to work with her when I was a senior analyst and she helped me to become a team leader.”

Tauanne Alves – former PricewaterhouseCoopers South America HR Senior Analyst

"I had the privilege of working with Dani when she was a member of my HR Team at AT&T and later as a successful HR executive, when we developed interesting partnership in culture change by means of strategic talent assessment. She has always struck me as smart, assertive, highly competent and mindful of other people's development and growth. I will certainly follow-up her continuing success now in her consulting career."

Roberto Santos, Atelie-RH – former AT&T Latin America HR Vice President

"I had the opportunity to meet and work with Dani at the beginning of my career in HR. I was supporting and assisting a group of consultants in which she also took part. Our bond lasted for years, and after I have moved along more than six years in the telecommunications industry, she encouraged me to pursue a completely new challenge in a start-up company here in Brazil. With her I felt safe to embrace the project, and I will never forget the late hours we spent in her office while she helped me to develop the Business Plan for the HR implementation in this new company. Today I have 14 years of experience in HR, and in all places I have been, Dani always emerges some how to remember me how to be a good inspiring leader to others and drive leaders to use a coaching approach to manage their teams. Dani is my example of professional life, is like a "north" of where I want to get in my career (and there is still a long way to go!), and also how it is possible to be extremely passionate about what we do. Thank you for this legacy of love, victories and overruns! "

Luciana Raulino – former AT&T Latin America HR assistant

"Dani and I met in the class Introduction to University Teaching (IUT) at HK PolyU, when I worked there as membrane research team. Since then I have been impressed with his careful preparation, depth of knowledge on issues related to HR, new hires & leadership development, and its extraordinary presentation skills in various circumstances, as his classmate and his workshop as a guest, when I responsible for public relations at the Session of Professional Hospitality, Finance and Technology Hong Kong. It also gives me ample guidance and career coaching continuous as mentor staff, witness my career progression of academic researcher for senior real estate economist. Dani has the skill set, achievements, personal strength and energy that will help you reach and exceed your career goal."

Kate, Jia Yang – former membrane research team and public relations of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong